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Professional portfolio guidance to take control of your own financial future. 

$29.99/MO · $199.99/YR · $299.99/2YRS

The Action Alerts PLUS portfolio is diversified with rigorous analysis of all 11 S&P sectors. We analyze our holdings on a daily basis and take action as necessary -- adding to positions and trimming losers.

If you bought and sold NVIDIA when our portfolio managers did, you'd be up +763%.

Real time trade alerts for every buy or sell decision the AAP team makes.

Members-only monthly calls with insights and advice on every portfolio stock from the AAP team.

24/7 access to the portfolio, including open and closed positions and the bullpen.

Uncover Hidden Investment Gems with Action Alerts PLUS

Lead portfolio manager, Chris Versace, will keep you ahead of the curve on trending investing topics.

What you can expect from Action Alerts PLUS

Portfolio Guidance

Exclusive Market Insights

Transparency into a full portfolio managed by professionals with decades of experience as they make strategic buy and sell recommendations.

Our daily rundown, weekly roundup, podcast episodes, and monthly call that provide critical updates on market conditions and portfolio performance.

Stock Ratings

Technical Analysis

An easy-to-follow rating system of stocks in the portfolio, so you know what stocks to buy, hold, and sell at any time.

Quarterly technical analysis of each stock in the portfolio and the bullpen from renowned market technician, Helene Meisler.

Email Alerts

Every portfolio action we take is delivered in real-time right to your inbox.

Connect with like-minded Action Alerts Plus investors, follow their portfolio moves, learn from experts, and make your trades all in one place from our new app, TheStreet powered by Tornado.

Engaged Member Community

Find out what other AAP members are talking about, see what your peers are investing in, ask questions and share knowledge, see trending thoughts from the community, and more.

Community Thought-Leaders

Experienced Wall Street veterans (former Institutional Investor-ranked and hedge fund analysts) who post daily, plus ask them questions about stocks and get their direct feedback.

Brokerage Account Option

Manage your portfolio and make trades right from our app. No fees or taxes apply when you switch brokerages.

Funding Bonus

Get up to $1,000 to invest when you deposit new funds or transfer your account from another brokerage to TheStreet powered by Tornado!

What members say about Action Alerts PLUS

Meet the expanded Action Alerts PLUS team

Chris Versace

Lead Portfolio Manager

With 30 years of cross-industry experience, Chris brings his thematic investing lens to the portfolio each day. His daily insights, analysis, and recommendations provide the foundation for Action Alerts PLUS.

Helene Meisler

Market Technician

As one of the most renowned market technicians in the industry, Helene brings her expertise to Action Alerts PLUS as she provides technical analysis of every stock in the portfolio on a quarterly basis.

Doug Kass

Hedge Fund Manager

The well-known hedge fund manager and market insider provides stock investing strategies and actionable trade ideas to the Action Alerts PLUS portfolio.

Carley Garner

Commodities Expert

As one of the most recognized names in the business for options and futures trading, Carley contributes insights on how commodities can influence markets to the Action Alerts PLUS portfolio.

Bruce Kamich

Market Technician

With decades of experience working for bulge bracket firms, our in-house market technician provides regular analysis of the charts and indicators on the portfolio’s trending stocks.

Stephen “Sarge” Guilfoyle


As an NYSE floor trader for over 30 years, Stephen contributes a mix of investing fundamentals, economic commentary, and trading ideas to Action Alerts PLUS.

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